Pre-Production Services
Fluid Disposal Services
Fluid Disposal Specialities, Inc., is an independent oilfield services contractor that provides a wide range of well site services to oil and natural gas drilling and producing companies.  The company's operations are concentrated in the major onshore oil and natural gas producing regions of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. We believe that the company's broad range of services which extends from initial site construction through production to eventual abandonment, is fundamental to establishing and maintaining the flow of oil and natural gas throughout the life cycle of our customers' wells.
Our unique positioning and geographical locations in the sales and delivery of bulk soil cement provides us with a strong bidding advantage for soil cement sales. We participate in a diversified group of services.
Pre-production services include road construction, pad construction, site preparation, frac pond construction, bulk soil cement sales, delivery and/or processing, aggregate sales and delivery of rock and clay, erosion control services and installation and hydro mulch services.
Production Services
Production services include installation of storage tanks, vessels, piping, compressors for both single well and multi-stage projects, blasting, painting, site maintenance and repair, firewall repair, modification of existing facilities, equipment moving, pipe transfer and storage/forklift services.
Pipeline Services
Pipeline services include fabrication and installation of infield gathering systems, cathodic protection service, anode installation, pipeline/utility line marking and locating, pipeline maintenance/mowing.
Post-Production Services
Post-production services include production facilities/plants, well site reclamation and maintenance, compressor station pad and road construction, flow lines and pipelines, backfilling reserve/frac pits, disposing of reserve pit fluids, waste hauling, salt water/fresh water hauling.