Cat Vibrator Soil Compactor 

Our thirteen smooth drum cat rollers are used to ensure compaction and surface quality control.
Cat Vibratory Soil Compactor

Our thirteen pad foot cat rollers are used to ensure compaction and surface quality control.
Cat Excavator

Our thirty 324 D excavators are all equipped with hydraulic thumbs to maintain safety and maximize productivity.
Long Reach Excavators

Our three 324 DL Cat long reach excavators have the reach capability of 65' to 
assist in construction 
and/or restoration of 
reserve pits.
Road Maintainer

Our nineteen 140M Cat Motor Graders equipped with laser leveling capabilities maximize productivity and ensures grade accuracy.
Soil Stabilizer

We maintain ten 548hp RM500 Cat Soil Stabilizers equipped with bullet teeth to ensure a high quality cement job in all types of soils while working under extreme conditions.

CMI Grinder

Our three high horse power grinders allow for increased productivity and are equipped with track-type undercarriages for extreme conditions and safety while creating an environment friendly job site.
530 hp John Deere 
9630 Tractor

Our fleet of ten John Deere tractors equipped with 1810E scraper pans have laser leveling capability for high productivity 
and grade control.  The flotation tires increase productivity in adverse ground conditions while still maintaining the ability of 
safe mobilization without 
requiring an escort.
Cat Dozers

We maintain thirty-four D6 Dozers equipped with 30" 
pads for all types of soil conditions and three prong rippers to maximize productivity.


Our three sweepers allow surface prep and cleanup after job completion.
Wheel Loaders

The four wheel loaders are utilized for handling casings and other heavy materials.
Welcome to our large fleet of  ten 
Kenworth Trucks 
and equipment.
Kenworth Dump Trucks

Our thirty large trailer trucks enable us to move large volumes in a short time 
frame to accommodate 
drilling schedules.
Pneumatic Cement Truck

Our fleet of twenty cement 
trucks allow us daily to 
ensure timely delivery to 
each job site.

Hydro Vac

This unit allows us to locate gas and utility lines to maintain safe working conditions.

Pit Pump Unit

This unit is used for down hole injection method to avoid costly disposal fees and transportation for reserve pit fluids.

750 hp Cat Scraper

Our two 627G Cat scrapers are equipped with hydraulic self-loading augers to ensure a consistent loading capacity of 100% and are assisted with laser capability to maximize productivity and to ensure grade accuracy.
Low Boy Truck

Our twelve truck fleet includes numerous lowboy trailers to move our extensive equipment inventory where and when needed to fulfill commitments to our customers.

150 BBL Tanker

Our ten large 150 bbl capacity tankers are equipped with an independent power source to control water application for high quality cement jobs.